The Fabulous Los Angeles Latebirds Proudly Present:

Dirt Wizard Boogaloo

California City - September 7-8-9

The Steaze

Get a perm in town, bring back some pizzas, and crash the pool at the resort. Play horseshoes, gamble a gold tooth in a dice game, and do a neverending burnout on your desert sled. Launch some wallrides in the Thunderdrome, shake hands with desert tortoises, bring a flute and charm a rattlesnake. This is a no-cost free-for-all desert rally for rad buds. We are surrounded by natural monuments, scenic trails, and epic riding conditions from mild to wild. The possibilities are endless with a gallon of gas and a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.

The Scene

This is not a moped rally.

If you have a dirt-capable moped, tho, you should totally bring it.

Bring dirt bikes and/or any other kind of dirt-capable vehicles, OHV and ATV; 50s are hilarious fun out there.

Or don't, and just come have fun with friends in the desert.

We're camping in the desert with no facilities whatsoever. Read that sentence again so it sinks in, if you need to.

Dudes made a primitive crapper but lol no. There's no food or drinks, so come PREPARED so that you don't die on us.

If you're sensitive, there's a Best Western with a pool 20 minutes away in town.

It will be high 70s during the day, and low 40s at night. Be prepared for the realness with extra campfire and booze.

The main campsite is in the ruins of the California City that never was, at Campsite "E." The campsite is just a couple miles outside California City proper on Randsburg Mojave Rd. There will be short distance of hard-packed dirt road to travel on, but even your dropped Infiniti would make it fine (your Festiva would get RAD). Look for the get rad gear and Harvey Fangboner life coach/mascot. See the maps below!

The Scope

By far the best source of way more information than you need about this area is the Friends of Jawbone web site. Go there and familiarize yourself with the area's vibes. If you are so inclined, it would be pretty smart to get that handy map of the entire area app for your smart phone.

This is the desert; there are several different types of land, when it comes to where and how you can ride:

Street legal bikes with license plates are allowed to ride on any trails or riding ares.

Bikes without plates (Green/Red sticker is a must!), Quads, UTVs, sand rails, pitbikes etc need a California City Riding Permit. $5 for the weekend and available at Borax Bill Ranger Station, which is right close to our campsite.

Please be respectful of nature. We don't have bail money.

The Maps

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE WITH THE MAP LINKS BELOW: It's because we got all overly-futuristic without realizing it with the new Google Maps Engine. So, if these links work for you, you'll be stoked. If they don't work for you, use the pretty drawings we made below.

Or, use the map search of your choice to search for "Randsburg Mojave Rd & 140th Street, California City, CA" - that is where we will be camping.

Check out this pretty cool interactive Google Map of the area!

Click here to get driving directions from Los Angeles.

Click here to get driving directions from San Francisco.

Click here to get driving directions from Sacramento.

Here's some maps we drew of the major riding areas and attractions around California City and our campsite. They were drawn with pen on paper, then scanned and faxed and scanned again. Click for full-size images!


Take the California City Blvd exit and turn right onto California City Blvd. Enjoy beautiful California City.

Just after the town very obviously ends, you will be at the intersection of Randsburg Mojave Road. Take a left!

After a couple of miles you will come upon a fork in the road AND a very informative sign regarding the Desert Tortoise. Stop, read the sign, and then FORK LEFT to STAY on Randsburg Mojave Rd!

The campsite is 2 miles up from there on the left, at the intersection of Randsburg Mojave Rd & 140th St (you may not be able to tell that there is a "street" at 140th St).


Get to know California City

California City was intended to be California's 3rd great city. It didn't work out, and that's great news for us.

Situated in the Mojave Desert, just north of Edwards Air Force Base, California City is some 200 square miles of high desert. In 1958 a sociology professor bought this land and created a master plan for a model city intended to rival Los Angeles in size.

Currently the population hovers around 14,000.

To this day, a vast grid of crumbling roads lay out the suburban grid of a city that does not exist. Over the decades, these roads have become covered in hard-packed dirt, and the land amongst and around these roads is untouched high desert natural landscape. There is not a single structure.

It is a dirt bike wonderland.